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[19 Nov 2005|12:32pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

it's been a while.

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a stranger with your door key explaining that im just visiting [06 May 2004|10:37pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

yeap im pritty damn giddy. i just talked to thomas after about a year of us not talking and he hasnt changed like people say he did. but this made me so gitty that i went skipping into my kitchen like a school girl on ruffie and my moms said that its like i all the sudden felt alot better and i do, its weird how one person can change how u feel. i wish he didnt live to far away.

IHateTheSkexies: suger and spice and everything nice
IHateTheSkexies: thats what my penis is made out of

if anyone didnt already know, nathans penis is voulnerable to wetness, it could melt.

P.S. MXC kicks ass

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[06 May 2004|12:54pm]
[ mood | dizzy ]

kiki called me this morning around 10 casue she was in study with nathan and steph so that was hott i got to talk to them and i woke up to her voice ;0) hopefully she will be able to come visit me today cause i hate laying around my house all day doing nothing. steph if i die in 7 days i hope u kno it will be becasue of you<3

i wonder how everyones "boxes" are coming along in art class, last time i knew kyles box was soaked

i forgot how to put pictures on here?

sleep or bake something hmm wat evs

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[04 May 2004|03:58pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

so my mom woke me up at 630 today to go to school and i was really hott my head and throat kill and i felt like complete shit and couldnt move out of bed so i went back to sleep. i had the weirdest longest dream in the world and there were about 20 or more of my friends in the dream with me and we were in maine on vacation. then in the dream i felt sick so i got into nikitas car and she said she didnt wanna drive so she got in the back seat and randomly fred pops up and jumps in the drivers seat and starts driving us around maine for ever while me and nikita were really sick. so yea i just woke up about a 1/2 hour ago so i slept for about 17 staight hours which is fucked cause i never sleep especially when im sick. ive never been sick like this b4 eaither it feels really wierd it feels like i can sleep for the rest of my life.

step off homie

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so let me help you remeber [27 Apr 2004|03:45pm]
[ mood | bored ]

vacation was kick bum crazy stuff. never being home made me happy, i cant wait till summer

Im so tiard i went to bed at 9:30 last night and didnt fall asleep till 1:30. i couldnt fall asleep until i put on the postal service and since i didnt have my speakers to my cd player (casue i pimped kikis ride with them) and i punched my cd player last year and broke like a fucking winner i couldnt find a cd player anywhere to put in my room so i just slept with my head phones on.

i didnt realize the sweatshirt i grabbed this morning was the one with puke on it, thanks for lending me urs jessie<3
mr.sessions asked me last period if was alright as if i was on drugs today casue "me and nikita are always in our own little world". chaaa

no one ever does anything after school and since i live in the woods and im a school girl and hockey is over and i dont wanna work more its fucking boaring.this is the kind of things that lead to drugs, alcohol, and sex.<3

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We got erasers but we don't pick em up. [13 Apr 2004|08:09pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

today was okay. last night i found out at 1230 that muse was coming to america to play and its the boston area too. ive been waiting for almost a year to see them and since they are from the u.k. they never come to america but they are and i was all exited (actually a whole lot fucking more than excited)and me and jessie were planning to goo thursday but the show is 18+. i fucking hate being a school girl somtimes. they have another show in rhode island saturday but i have no way of getting there and it just completly sucks i wanted to see them so fucking bad. and just cause i said when they come to america i wont miss them for anything, its impossible to go now :0(

Sunday there is a reel big fish show that i wanna drag jessie too with me and james said he would prolly wanna go and andrew deffinetly wants to go. so im gunna try go get tickets. if anyone wants to go let me kno.

i realized today that i dont like to admit things to myself, if it concerns other ppl and their feelings i can be honist to myself then but thats a different story.alot of ppl hate admiting this to themsleves casue i always see it but to myself i deny stuff that i dont want to let myself "fall into". i dont wanna fall for someone that in the long run wouldnt work out because we already have our differences and we've known each other for quite a while and never have been more than friends. maybe this is just somthing temporary hmmmm..

i have so much make-up work still its dumb i cant catch up and keep up with my work and deal with spazko at the same time i just wanna be giddy. james said he is burning me the postal service cd tonight and that makes me smileee <3 :0)

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[11 Apr 2004|01:03am]
[ mood | still kinda hyper,happy&horny ]

went to glouster tonight to with kaite, will and julie. after being at the show nathan, kaite, will, james and i went out to eat at valantinos and we got pizza and shizzle it was silly stuff. i love them all. julie met a mighty cute gay looking boy (the best kind there is) and gee golly did it look like they were "hitting it off" :0) i talked to marky tonight and i fucking miss and love himmmmm alot alot.

now here are some pics from after the prom when we woke at jessies.

WakingupAtJessiesAfterPromCollapse )

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how does a duck know what direction south is, and how to tell his wife from all the other ducks? [29 Mar 2004|08:57pm]
[ mood | blah ]

one year ago today elliot died, poor lil thing i miss him. and its my mom birthday today.
i really dont like buddy most of the time especially lately. since his surgery he didnt rest like hes sappose to cause hes so "manly" and all, u kno. so he comes home after work and bitches all the time and makes everyone in a bad mood. i mean fuckk its my moms birthday today he had more attitude twards her when he walked in then a 13yr old school girl goin through puberty. i just fucking flipped out while his lard ass makes it upstairs and my moms trying to "hush" me not to let him hear me so i dont upsett his fat ass and i can hear him saying how much of a bitch i am in the kitchen as i type this, wat ever im fucking sick of him.

but anywho no more railroad tracks no more, nope nope. i got my hair cut today and its different.

i miss alot of things..

HAIRCUTCollapse )

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well... i told u to go in the tissue and get a BATHROOM! [26 Mar 2004|11:55pm]
[ mood | tired ]

today was funnn, i didnt end up goin to school casue my mom wouldnt let me go to school on pain killes so i was like psshh wat ev. around 3 katie came over picked me up we went to the mall, i got my moms bday present and we met some of her friends got weirded out by the guy at umi of japan who was swining his chiken everywhere.. then went to hobbs& richardsons to meet more ppl. then we went to go pick up will and me and katie had great talks on the way there :0)so we got william (failed attempt to scare him, thanks for walking on the wrong side of the van asshole) we came back to my house broke out my photo shit and started snapping while watching jaws. me and katie blinded will with our cameras and took kick bum pics it was great. then we made pizza and katie and will left it was awesome to finally leave my house and hang out with 2 of the koolest kids around<3 but now im soo fucking tiard i need to go to bed soon. EWWW!?! will what is that on ur shirt?? so will flips out and flings the peicce of SHIT on my carpet.. i was gunna tell u to GO IN THE TISSUE AND GET A BATHROOM!!!!.here are the pics...

crazyCollapse )

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[26 Mar 2004|09:46pm]
testingCollapse )
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blahhh [23 Mar 2004|03:16pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

my tests came back positive, i have mono and it sucks total ass. im really not getting any better i hate sitting at my house feeling like shit cause i cant sleep and i get wiked moody, im taking pain killers now..joy.i talked to mark today and he stayed home sick i hope i didnt give him mono ill kill myself:0( .i miss the kool kids tho i just want to go back to school and be healthy. i especially miss the comfort of kikis arms and YOU.

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my head is gunna fucking explode [22 Mar 2004|12:13pm]
[ mood | painful ]

i woke up this morning at 5am and my stomach was sucking at life like usual but i was determined i was goin to school so i tried to ignore it, but NOPE! i threw up. my mom took me to the doctors, they did a throat culture(the 3rd one in about 2 days) so 3 times it said i didnt have strep. so she said i cant do any sports or anything to physical untill they kno wats wrong with me, sent me to the hospital to get blood draw and tested for mono. i absolutly hate getting blood drawn becasue i have the smallest vains and it usually takes them a couple of trys on each arm and i get so light headed and i loose my hearing? last time i got my blood taken i made Nathan come with me i was scared haha oh shizzle good times.. i was convinced that the guy that was taking my blood was gay so that made me feel alot better and happy since last time the lady that took my blood didnt even speak english and i had bruises on my arms..bastard. this guy was good tho he got it on the 1st try. usually u cant tell this soon if u have mono or not but maybe wat ever i have will show up i just want to get better being sick is so stupid.

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lets trade heads, ill get an axe and u bring the ducktape [21 Mar 2004|08:30pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

this is why i wash my hands every 5mins, i HATE being sick i feel like shit and i cant do anything and it makes me soo pissed off.i have to work tomorrow till 6 oh joy. katie and will just called to ask if i wanted to hang out, and i was gunna ask if they wanted to come over to just "chill" but my mom said no casue im sick and i look like shit(sorry kids much love 2 u guys<3). my mom said its just a virus and since shes a nurse she did 2 throat cultures on me so its not strep but ive felt like this for a while now and i was throwing up the other day and im not getting any better, my mom sucks at her job. i actually almost want to go to the doctors casue i can barly swallow and my ears keep on poping ect. also mame thinks i have mono. ewww

~but other than that heres somthing giddy most of u will enjoy if ur kool. March 27th(this saturday) in glouster Actions in Objects are playing a show!! yesssss A! rocks my heart. :0)

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hiccup.. hiccup [21 Mar 2004|01:39am]
[ mood | asfdjakldsa> gah blah ]

i really dont like being sick its dumb. my throat kills like a bitch and its huge. but yea katie picked me up today we went to the battle of the bands (i love that girl), i got to see marky i was sooo happy about that and the skexies won..yay. after that katie, will and i went to cumies and the guy asked me and katie if will was baked and i just giggled like a school girl and told him that will was stright edge then they came over and we just did shizzle. i want to sleep now but its not happening so im talkin to will since hes the only kool kid that stayed up. yup blah dieee

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st.patricks day is beautiful [17 Mar 2004|08:56pm]
[ mood | good ]

last night it took me for ever to fall asleep and at 2:22am kiki calls me and wakes me up (but i didnt mind casue shes cute) and it was soo weird casue i thought it was 2:22pm and all i herd was blah blah for 10 mins i was very tiard and it was weird but my mom woke up and yelled at me cause i was laughin to loud.

i woke up today and shovled ALOT then drove to pick up james then nathan we came here played road rash, made potatos and chiken, ate, and recorded fat buddy being racial. haha i love the 2 of them, together they make me laugh so fucking hard.

im glad kiki jessie and nathan are ok, i would have shizzled myself if something more serious than nathans blue balls and or kiki and jessies chest/head/neck aches happend..

tomorrow ill prolly put up some of the pictures from today, as soon as i figure out how cause its being too kool.

IHateTheSkexies: whats that lassie? IHateTheSkexies: the barns burning down and buddy cant get his fat ass out? giggle giggle
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this sucks, at least im learning somthing [16 Mar 2004|07:36pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

today was not the greatest day. it sucks when u think u can trust some one or u thought they were one of ur good friends and u could tell them ur problems like u are sapose to beable to with good friends and they act compleatly differnt to ur face and when ur not there its a different story. i just wish people would be more honist with me casue i kno i get annoying and i talk about shit no one gives a donkey fuck about and tonz of other dumb shit but it sucks when someone pretend to care and u find out after all the that they dont give a flying fuck and think ur annoying and wat ever else. watever i never had a problem listing to u, guess it wasnt the same way around. i could be over reacting but its somthing that bothers me. but for all those ppl who consider me their friend, i love you.

i miss marky a real lot, i got to talk to him today but we need to hang out and talk more like we always used to i miss that, he told me today that he knows we are still really good friends but dosnt feel like it casue we never get to talk.

but other than that st.patricks day is tomorrow, my favorite holiday...eh ill prolly end up doing nothing.

yeah im goin away

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im earaseing ur ass [14 Mar 2004|09:40pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

yeah i dont feel like writing about wat happend last night in deatail casue its to much. but tonight i went out to eat with kimmy at the dinner and then do dunkin donuts to get a coffe after then came home.

im happy for some reason today i think its casue for a long time now ive wanted to get over this feeling ive had and im pritty much over it. i just realized that it wasnt as great when i look back on it now and ur not as fun as i thought u were, sucks to be the past i guess.  also ive decided im not gunna try out for lax tomorrow casue i never was able to get my equipment and i need to consentrate on school and the job me and kiki are hopeing to get (it will kick buns).

st. patricks day is wednesday, best day of the year and its kelly's birthday =0) weird shes gunna be 19.

ok the pictures i just tried to put up here from dkm friday night arent working so ill try another time.
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sketchhyyyyy [14 Mar 2004|01:13am]

i just made a whole entry on everything and my blonde ass deleted it so im just gunna write it again later im to shitty feeling and sketchted right now. ive been grouned since sunday, not jst any grounded but hard core tripple XXX grounded but friday i went to dropkick murphys with lizz and erin, it was awesome we went one stage and everything i met Al ahh amazing hopfully they will put pics on there website and i can put them on here. and tonight i went to james and nathans show in glouster , they played really good and just about everyone seemed to like them as usual. katie gave me and will a ride home and in ipswitch the car in front of us went off the side of the road and got wraped around a telephone pole, it was so fucking scary and everyone that stopped to help were fucking idiots with no common sence and i hope i never get in an accident where ppl like would have to "help" my dieing ass. i hope the people in the car were ok, by the looks of the car it didnt look good at all. after that katie and will came over for a lil bit and we just hung out and watched chappell's show. silly.

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[03 Mar 2004|08:48pm]

straight from the borroCollapse )

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well first of all i'd like to say fuck off... [02 Mar 2004|10:18pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

today was one of those days that when ever u tryed to open ur mouth to say something and everyone looks at you like u have aids written all over yourself.
i dont like it when i have to explain myself so people dont think im being dumb. and somebody usually always has to say somthing about wat i do or have done, its so annoying casue its always so dam pointless.
i miss shane and justin and the borro alot, everything sucks here. stupid

if u dont get it
then why dont u
just shove ur head
back up ur ass,
dont waste my time
i dont need ur opinion

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